Youxi Shortcode

The Youxi Shortcode plugin provides the necessary framework for registering shortcodes. The plugin defines several shortcodes by default, styled using Bootstrap. All of them can be overridden in a WordPress theme through the provided actions and filters.

As a priceless addition is the TinyMCE shortcode editor. This editor actually, is also utilized behind the scenes by the Youxi Builder plugin. The shortcode editor is actually a TinyMCE plugin that adds a dropdown menu to the TinyMCE toolbar.

If you click on the toolbar as shown on the image above, you’ll get the dropdown menu showing the shortcode categories and uncategorized shortcodes.

Clicking on one of the shortcodes will trigger the opening of a shortcode editor as shown on the image above.

After filling and submitting the form, the editor will insert the generated shortcode at the current caret position of the TinyMCE editor as shown on the image above.

It’s recommended that you follow Bootstrap’s rules of defining content sections if you’re using the shortcode editor unless you know what you’re doing. Bootstrap requires you to have elements inside columns, that resides inside rows which also resides inside containers. Actually all of this can be done automatically if you use the Youxi Builder plugin.

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