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Working with a WordPress theme from scratch without any guidance would be very hard for one not knowing the implementation details of the theme. That’s where this plugin comes to help. This way you can import the demo content to make your site looks exactly the same as you’ve seen on the demo site.

Besides importing theme demo content from a WordPress Importer XML file, the plugin also imports front page settings, menus and widgets. Since version 2.0, this plugin imports WordPress attachment posts one by one, preventing any failures caused by server timeouts.

This article shows the use of importer plugin on our Haruna WordPress theme.

Go to Demo Content Importer Page

Open up the importer page by going to Tools > Youxi Importer. There might be several demo contents available, but currently all of our themes only have one demo.

Click on Import

After clicking Import the import process will begin. Just wait until it’s done.

Import Finished

The import process has finished. Now you should have all the posts, menus, widgets and front page settings configured. Go to your home page and proof for your self that your site now looks exactly the same as the demo site (images might be blank as they are not included within themes due to copyright restrictions).

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