Setting up Twitter API Keys

In order to display your Twitter feed on your website using our Twitter widget in the Youxi Widgets plugin, you need to provide your Twitter API keys in the Twitter API configuration page.

The API keys are needed to authenticate you on Twitter’s API as since June 11, 2013 Twitter has retired their API v1. This makes client side timeline fetching and parsing no longer feasible due to the authentication restrictions imposed by OAuth. In this article, we will cover the steps needed to configure your API keys.

Registering your Website as an Application on Twitter

The first thing you need to do is registering your website as an application on Twitter. Do this by visiting and sign in with your existing Twitter account. After you’re logged in you’ll be presented a page as in the image below. Click on Create New App button at the top right side of the page.

Now you will see a form to provide your application details as shown in the image below. Fill in the application Name, Description and Website. Do not forget to tick the Developer Agreement checkbox then hit the Create your Twitter Application button.

Acquire the Application API Keys

Now you should already have your app registered and taken to the application details page. Go to the Keys and Access Tokens tab. Note the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret (marked with red arrows on the image below). These are the keys you need to provide in your website’s Twitter API configuration page.

Provide the Keys to your Website

Now go to Settings > External API > Twitter on your WordPress admin and fill in the form with with the keys you got on the previous step. OAuth Token and OAuth Token Secret are Access Token and Access Token Secret respectively. After completing this step, your website should be able to access Twitter’s API and display your tweets.

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