Setting up Instagram API Keys

Displaying Instagram feeds on a website is recently a trend on many websites. Some of our WordPress themes support showing off your Instagram feed either via a widget from the Youxi Widgets plugin, or as a fullwidth Instagram gallery at the bottom of your website as seen on our Sachiko WordPress theme.

Displaying your Instagram feed however, need you to authenticate your website to allow access to Instagram’s API. This is a restriction they have put since June 01, 2016, blocking access to their API for unauthenticated users.

Authenticating your website to Instagram when using our themes is relatively easy. Follow the steps below to proceed setting up your Instagram API keys.

Find your redirect URI

The first thing you need to do is getting your redirect URI. Open up the Instagram API configuration page by going to Settings > External API > Instagram on your WordPress admin and note the redirect URI.

Registering a new Client

Now you need to register your website as a new client on Instagram. Make sure you’re already logged in to your Instagram account and visit the following URL:

Click on the green button labeled Register a New Client on the top right side of the screen and you’ll be presented with a form as shown below.

Fill in the details of your client, the mandatory fields are Application NameDescriptionWebsite URL and Valid redirect URIs. Fill in the redirect URI with the URL you got from the previous step. Fill in the captcha and hit Register to finish registering your client.

Client ID & Client Secret

After registering your client, you should complete the form on your Instagram API configuration page. There are two fields to complete here: Client ID and Client Secret. Both keys can be acquired from Instagram on the manage client page. You can go to the manage client page by clicking the Manage button shown in the image below.

Note that you need to put the Client ID and Client Secret on your Instagram API configuration page.

Authenticating with Instagram

After successfully providing your Client ID and Client Secret on your site, you will see the following message on your Instagram API configuration page:

Click on Click Here to Authenticate and follow the steps you see on the screen. Now you’re ready to show off your Instagram feed!

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