v1.8 – April 04, 2017

NEW: Support for RTL languages
Update: Theme framework base
Update: Youxi Core v1.7.7
Update: .POT file
Update: Remove Option Tree, move all options to WordPress customizer
Fix: Error message in menu admin screen, megamenus are now enabled using category-megamenu class

v1.7 – February 19, 2017

Update: Theme framework base
Update: Youxi Core v1.7.5
Update: Youxi Shortcode v4.2.2
Update: .POT file
Update: Added sanitize callbacks to all customizer settings
Deprecated custom CSS theme options to use WordPress customizer custom CSS

v1.6 – November 05, 2016

Update: Theme framework base
Update: Youxi Core v1.7
Update: Youxi Shortcode v4.0.2
Update: Youxi Builder v2.5
Update: Youxi Importer v2.0
Update: Flickity v2.0.5
Update: Masonry v4.1.1
Update: Bootstrap v3.3.7
Update: .POT file
Removed widget area from theme options, widget areas can now be configured from Appearance > Widget Areas
Removed typekit from theme options, typekit can now be configured from Settings > External API > Typekit

v1.5 – June 05, 2016

Update: Theme framework base
Update: Youxi Core v1.5
Update: Youxi Widgets v2.0

v1.4 – January 02, 2016

Update all Youxi plugins
Update framework code
Update comments to use the new features of WordPress 4.4
Footer instagram widget can now properly display non-square instagram images

v1.3 – August 21, 2015

Remove favicon option respecting WP 4.3 Site Icon feature
Unregister Entry_Views_Plugin widget for WP 4.3 deprecated notice
Updated Customizer control styles to match WP 4.3 new Customizer styles
Updated Youxi Widgets to v1.5.2
Updated Youxi Builder to v2.4

v1.2 – August 05, 2015

NEW: Autoplay option for featured slider
Fix: Bug with pager pagination type CSS styles

v1.1 – July 27, 2015

NEW: Related posts meta text option
NEW: Popular posts meta text option
NEW: Option to toggle featured image on/off on posts index and single post
NEW: Posts grid layout
Fix: Typo in demo content XML path
Fix: Not possible to disable category mega menu after enabling it
Fix: Fix comment text bug when using disqus
Fix: When featured posts uses an alternate image, it does not show up
Improvement: Enqueue AddThis script with the correct protocol

v1.0 – July 18, 2015

Initial Release

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