Portfolio Settings

This article describes Vlieland WordPress theme’s various portfolio settings.

If you’re not sure what this is about, we recommend reading this article first.


Media Settings

The media settings is used to configure how the images inside the portfolio post are displayed. The settings are used to control the type of the media, whether to show a caption on each image and the height of the media on mobile devices – screens smaller than 992px. Examples and explanation of each media type are covered in this article.


Details Settings

The details settings is used to add portfolio details in a special layout in your portfolio post like on this portfolio post from the theme demo http://wp.youxithemes.com/vlieland/portfolio/miracle-on-the-han-river/.

The details can be added or removed using the Add and Delete button.

  • Label
    This sets the label of the detail item.
  • Value
    This sets the value of the detail item.
  • URL
    If provided, the value of the detail item will be displayed as a link pointing to this URL.


Layout Settings

  • Content Position
    This determines the position of the portfolio post content on the desktop view, it can be set to display the content on the left or on the right side.
  • Content Togglable
    This shows/hides the content toggle button. When hidden, you can not hide the portfolio post content.
  • Content State
    This determines the initial state of the portfolio post content. It can be set to hide or show the content initially, but will not have any effect when Content Togglable is turned off.


Masonry Grid Settings

The masonry grid settings determines in how many columns the portfolio post should be displayed in a masonry layout. Currently, there is only one setting in this group and it will determine the number of columns a portfolio post will be displayed on portfolio archives.

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