Portfolio Archive Page Template

Portfolio posts in Vlieland has its archive page enabled, accessible through the slug set inside your permalink setting. By default it’s set to portfolio, so your portfolio archive would be http://yourdomain.com/portfolio.

Unfortunately the archive page has limited customization options, leaving everything to WordPress’ default settings. That’s why this theme provides a page template where you can have the same layout as the portfolio archive plus the ability to customize it’s behavior.

Here’s how the native portfolio archive page look on the demo site: http://wp.youxithemes.com/vlieland/portfolio, and here’s the portfolio archive page template: http://wp.youxithemes.com/vlieland/portfolio-archive/. Not much visible difference we know, but the portfolio archive has the ability to set the amount of posts to show on each page, choose how and which field to use when ordering the post, and ultimately also has the ability to select which categories to show making it possible to create multiple portfolio archive pages with different layouts and configurations.

Using this page template can be done as how you usually use a page template on WordPress. If you’ve never done this before, find the box as shown in the image below when creating a page. Select Portfolio Archive to use the page template.

After you’ve selected the page template, a box with all its settings will appear below the post editor.

  • Show Filter
    This option determines whether the portfolio filter should be displayed.
  • Filter Order By
    This option determines the value used to order the portfolio filter items.
  • Filter Order
    This option determines if the portfolio filter items should be ordered in an ascending/descending order.
  • Image Size
    This option determines the featured image size to be displayed for each portfolio post. It could take the original image aspect ratio, a square image or an image with 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Margin
    This option determines the spacing between each portfolio post.
  • Columns
    This option determines in how many columns the portfolio posts should be displayed.
  • Multisize
    This option determines whether the masonry grid should allow multisized grid items. Here’s how to setup the portfolio post grid size: http://kb.youxithemes.com/knowledge-base/portfolio-settings#vlieland-masonry-grid-settings
  • Pagination
    Here you can choose the pagination type for your portfolio archive page template. You can choose to use the classic numbered/pager pagination, a load more button or none at all – displaying all your portfolio posts in a single page.
  • Included Categories
    If you check any of the category on this option, only portfolio posts under those categories would be displayed. Leave everything unchecked to display all your portfolio posts.
  • Posts Per Page
    This option determines how many posts you want to show on each page.
  • Order By
    This option determines the value used to order the portfolio posts.
  • Order
    This option determines if the portfolio posts should be ordered in an ascending/descending order.

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