Page Settings

Besides the media settings, a page has Layout and Title & Subtitle settings.

Title & Subtitle Settings

  • Title
    When provided, the value of this field is displayed as the page title overriding the original title. The front page of the theme demo is an example of this:
  • Subtitle
    This is the subtitle text to display below the page title.

Layout Settings

  • Content Position
    This determines the position of the portfolio post content on the desktop view, it can be set to display the content on the left or on the right side.
  • Content Togglable
    This shows/hides the content toggle button. When hidden, you can not hide the portfolio post content.
  • Content State
    This determines the initial state of the portfolio post content. It can be set to hide or show the content initially, but will not have any effect when Content Togglable is turned off.

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