Installing Required Plugins

All of our WordPress themes will work without installing any plugins, but the functionality will be limited to displaying blog posts and pages only.

All features you see in our theme demos will only work if you install the Youxi plugins; these are a set of plugins currently consisting of seven plugins that each do different things.

These plugins activate all of our theme’s functionalities and features while also increasing the user experience on your WordPress admin pages.

This article covers the installation process of these plugins; to learn more about the plugins, go to the Youxi Plugins knowledge base articles.

After having our WordPress theme installed and activated on your WordPress site, you will see a notification message on top of your WordPress admin pages as shown in the image below.

Click on Begin installing plugins to proceed. You will be taken to the plugin installation page.

Choose the plugins you want to install (if you’re not sure what each plugin do you can just install everything) by clicking on the checkbox on each row. Then choose Install from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

Installation will proceed and you will be shown the progress feedback. If nothing goes wrong, you will see a success message at the end of the process. Now everything is installed and if you return to the dashboard you will probably see new admin menu item(s).

Our Vlieland WordPress theme is used as an example on the image below and as you can see two new items labeled Portfolio and Contact are added to the menu. Portfolio is added by the Youxi Portfolio plugin and Contact is added by the Contact Form 7 plugin.


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