Portfolio Shortcode

After having your portfolio posts created, of course you want to display them somewhere obvious on your website. It could be either the front page, or any pages that is relevant to your work. Vlieland provides two ways to display your portfolio, you can use the Portfolio Archive Page Template, […]

Media Layouts

Vlieland WordPress theme supports 8 media layouts on page, post and portfolio. Not all layouts are available on each post type – like the map is only available on pages etc. Here’s a breakdown of what each post type is able to display: Page Image, slider, slideshow, video and map […]

Creating a Portfolio

Vlieland WordPress theme supports displaying your work as portfolio posts. A portfolio can display your work in six different layouts. As seen on the theme demo, a portfolio can display your work in a slider, slideshow, carousel, masonry gallery, justified gallery and video. This article will show you how to add […]

Youxi Post Format

On a post format enabled WordPress theme, this plugin provides the meta boxes with the necessary settings for displaying the related post format media. You’ll be able to attach video, audio and images to your blog posts with the help of this plugin.

Youxi Gallery

This plugin registers a gallery post type, gallery category taxonomy and provides permalink settings for the post type. Nothing is defined inside the plugin, all functionality and design is provided by the theme.

Youxi Portfolio

This plugin registers a portfolio post type, portfolio category taxonomy, provides permalink settings for the post type and a [portfolio_entries] shortcode. Nothing is defined inside the plugin, all functionality and design is provided by the theme.

Youxi Builder

Content creation might be difficult and not user friendly if done manually by defining shortcodes inside the post editor. The requirement of most CSS frameworks to have elements follow the container, row and columns rule also increase the difficulty when creating pages using shortcodes. All of this process can be automated […]

Youxi Shortcode

The Youxi Shortcode plugin provides the necessary framework for registering shortcodes. The plugin defines several shortcodes by default, styled using Bootstrap. All of them can be overridden in a WordPress theme through the provided actions and filters. As a priceless addition is the TinyMCE shortcode editor. This editor actually, is also utilized […]

Youxi Core

This plugin is the heart of everything. Without this plugin all of our WordPress themes is just a plain WordPress theme only able to display blog posts and pages without any advanced features. Other Youxi plugins namely Youxi Shortcode, Youxi Builder, Youxi Portfolio, Youxi Gallery and Youxi Post Format will not work without this plugin. […]

Installing Required Plugins

All of our WordPress themes will work without installing any plugins, but the functionality will be limited to displaying blog posts and pages only. All features you see in our theme demos will only work if you install the Youxi plugins; these are a set of plugins currently consisting of seven plugins […]