Setting up Twitter API Keys

In order to display your Twitter feed on your website using our Twitter widget in the Youxi Widgets plugin, you need to provide your Twitter API keys in the Twitter API configuration page. The API keys are needed to authenticate you on Twitter’s API as since June 11, 2013 Twitter has retired their […]

Setting up Instagram API Keys

Displaying Instagram feeds on a website is recently a trend on many websites. Some of our WordPress themes support showing off your Instagram feed either via a widget from the Youxi Widgets plugin, or as a fullwidth Instagram gallery at the bottom of your website as seen on our Sachiko WordPress […]

Setting up Typekit

Having beautiful typography on your website can be done in many ways, one of them is by using the popular and free Google fonts. Besides Google fonts, there are many third party websites providing paid subscriptions so you can use premium fonts on your website. One of them is Typekit. […]

Portfolio Settings

This article describes Vlieland WordPress theme’s various portfolio settings. If you’re not sure what this is about, we recommend reading this article first.   Media Settings The media settings is used to configure how the images inside the portfolio post are displayed. The settings are used to control the type of […]

Post Settings

Besides the media settings, a post only has a Layout setting. Unlike a portfolio post, a post’s initial state can not be hidden. Content Position This determines the position of the post content on the desktop view, it can be set to display the content on the left or on the […]

Page Settings

Besides the media settings, a page has Layout and Title & Subtitle settings. Title & Subtitle Settings Title When provided, the value of this field is displayed as the page title overriding the original title. The front page of the theme demo is an example of this: Subtitle This is the subtitle […]

Portfolio Archive Page Template

Portfolio posts in Vlieland has its archive page enabled, accessible through the slug set inside your permalink setting. By default it’s set to portfolio, so your portfolio archive would be Unfortunately the archive page has limited customization options, leaving everything to WordPress’ default settings. That’s why this theme provides a page […]

Posts Shortcode

Besides showing your posts in WordPress’ native blog feed, there might be a case where you want to display some or all of your posts somewhere else inline with other content. This is usually not possible, but fortunately we have provided a [posts] shortcode making it possible to display your […]